Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jeer at Rome - Demo

Anthony Greens been in more bands then most bands have albums, how many? Let's see, there's his Solo work, Circa Survive, The Sounds of Animals Fighting, Saosin, High and Driving, Zoloft the Rock and Roll Destroyer, Audience of One, and last but far from least, Jeer at Rome. That's 8 bands total... Before Anthony Green became renowned across the scenedom as the man with the golden voice, before he even graduated high school, he was shredding his vocal chords to pieces as the frontman of Jeer at Rome.

This band had some serious potential. I really wish they had kept with this band rather than stopping after recording only 4 songs, I can't help but imagine how different the scene would have been if THIS was the band that took off rather than Saosin . Think about how many bands have imitated the formula of one Falsetto clean singer and one screamer, would those bands have even existed? Makes you wonder...

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