Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies (2007)

I was going to make an Abbot and Costello style joke about this song, but decided that would be just...terrible. Here's Enter Shikari - Enter Shikari

Let me start off by saying two things: First, I think the term 'Trancecore' is the most retarded concept for a genre I've ever heard, and anyone who uses this term seriously needs to be bitch slapped. Second, just because a band uses synths doesn't automatically make them Nintendocore, I'm tired of looking up nintendocore and seeing Enter Shikari and Skyeatsairplane at the top of the list. The term nintendocore started off as a joke by HORSE the Band, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but now there are a handful of bands who took the term to heart and have gone all out with it. They've tried to legitimize the term by writing songs directly influenced by old school games and culture, all of which have key similarties to them that make it practical to group them together with a label. I use the term loosely to describe any band that uses the kinds of synths found in nintendocore on this blog because I figured people who are interested in that kind of music would also be interested in those bands. It's not to necessary to make a sub-genre everytime a band comes around that has a slightly different sound to them. Sure Enter Shikari have a unique (borderline gimmicky) style, but it really only works because it's a sound synonymous with the name Enter Shikari. If there were dozens of other bands out there doing something similar it would get old real, real fast. There are already a ton of shitty bands like Attack Attack and I See Stars trying to imitate them already, we shouldn't be encouraging them by giving them a label to assign themselves.

That being said, I love Enter Shikari. Take to the Skies is definitely my favorite release to date, I love the style these songs were written in and how they went about producing the record. They layer well written emocore over short, repeating, spacey synth lines that play off each other perfectly to bring out the best in each other. This CD is top notch listening material, but it's incomparable to the experience of seeing it in person. Enter Shikari's live show is definitely one of the best I've ever seen, their music has incredibly high energy and the repitition of the synth creates an atmosphere that is easy to lose yourself in. You'll just be standing there waiting for them to go on stage, then they start playing and before you know it the entire crowd has become completely immersed in the music. It's an experience completely unlike any other show I've ever been to. Imagine seeing your all time favorite band live, think about how into every song you'd get and the energy that you would have. Seeing Enter Shikari live is kind of like that, only every single person in the crowd is hyped to that level. They might not be my favorite band of all time, but I'd never pass up a chance to see these guys live.

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