Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everytime I Die - New Junk Aesthetic (2009)

Listen to My Favorite Track Off The Album "For The Record" While Given This A Read/Waiting for the Download To Finish.

If Rock and Roll existed in Ancient Greece then Everytime I Die would be the gods they prayed to. If you don't know Everytime I Die by now, what the fuck are you doing man? For the last 10 years these guys have been tearing shit up with their own brand of Hardcore infused with the Spirit of Rock and Roll. They take all the brutalness of hardcore and give it just enough personality to make it stand miles apart from the rest of the bunch. If you're into heavy music, listen to all their albums, they're all top notch. New Junk Aesthetic is no exception, while it may be a tad less heavy than previous releases, it's still a great release and perfectly captures what Everytime I Die is all about.

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