Monday, November 16, 2009

See You Next Tuesday - Parasite (2007)

See You Next Tuesday will knock you out of your chair if your not ready for it, and by the time you pick yourself up you'll be 3 songs into the album. Parasite, as with most grind albums, is really short, each song is about a minute and a half long, with the entire album clocking in at just under 19 minutes. Each of the 13 tracks on here are ridiculous in their own right. The majority of them barrage you with supersonic intensity straight on, leaving you just amazed that these guys can play that fast, and still sound as clean as they do. Like seriously, when songs are played THAT fast you don't expect each song to be so on point. Its apparent that although these songs are only a minute long, a whole lot of effort went into making each one the best it could possibly be. The attention to detail on this cd is phenomenal, it takes a few listens to even realize just how precise each song is because they go by so fast you don't even get a chance to appreciate it.

Its really a shame that for as amazing as 'Parasite' is, the follow up, 'Intervals', is such a letdown. The first 2 songs are slow slow slow. I mean its fine for a band to want to do an intro track, but it should lead into something extra special, instead here we get an intro leading into...another intro, and by the time you get to the first good song you're already 3 minutes into it....and 3 minutes can seem like an eternity in grindcore terms. Now finally you get to the first song on the album and best. For all the buildup leading up to it they had to go above and beyond for that one and it was just...average. The rest of 'Intervals' is a mess, you get one or two really intense songs, but then it gets stopped by a 10 second interlude track or a 3 minute "Progressive" track. Now I know they were trying to expand their horizons and do something different here, but if they wanted to change things up they should have gone all the way, not half assed. Fear Before did it, they jumped from ART DAMAGE, one of the most intense mathcore cds I’ve ever heard to "The Always Open Mouth" which was completely different sound entirely, but not bad by any means. Instead here we get 2 really intense grind songs, the momentums just starting to build up, and get stopped by a 3 minute "Experimental" track. It’s like the music equivalent of your girlfriend doing a striptease for you then when she gets into bed she tells you she has a headache. OK I GET IT, you weren't going to make another "Parasite", but then why'd you have to tease us so bad? It’s frustrating.

Anyways, you can listen for yourselves underneath.

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