Monday, November 16, 2009

iamerror - Trout Yogurt (2008)

Cybergrind, NintendoCore, 8-bit Grind, Nintengrind, many names can one genre of music have? Anyways, iamerror is what happens when someone takes old school videogame music and combines it with the speed and intensity of grind music. When I first heard about this I was skeptical. I figured it was just a stupid gimmick and there would just be like a Mario intro at the beginning before just starting typical grindcore songs with synth thrown in. Wow was I wrong. This album makes you think 'oh so this is what Pokemon would sound like with a full band'. Even the songs that aren't directly related to video games still sound like they would fit in perfectly as background music to your old school megaman games. If you like old school video games, and you like stupid fast drumming, I guarantee you'll love this. For those who've never played a videogame in their life, well the sound is so full and the synth so mind blowing that it really doesn't matter. You'll still love it.

I promise.

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