Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boysnightout - Trainwreck (2005)

Well I'm really agitated right now so i'll outlet by talking about some music... For whatever reason Boys Night Out seems to slip underneath a lot of peoples radar. It could be because their first cd was abysmal and thus no one ever bothered picking up Trainwreck, but this CD is everything you could want from an emo album. Now, I know a lot of people just shrug off the whole genre of emo music, because, well, most of it IS utter shit, but that doesn't mean that some bands didn't get it right. Trainwreck is a very dynamic album, it can go from morbid and dark to upbeat and catchy and make the transition seem perfectly natural. The cd is a concept album, following the story of a man who accidentally killed his wife. The rest of the cd charts the mans life as he slowly goes through all the phases of depression leading up to his suicide. Each song has a bit of story to it but its really about the leads emotional state, even the song titles are one word descriptions of what he's going through: Purging, Relapsing, Recovering....down to Dying. What makes this album so good is that they do this so naturally, it doesn't feel fake and it doesn't sound whiny the way the majority of emo bands sound. The reasoning for this is that musically each song backs up the lyrics, for example, theres a guitar solo at the end of 'Dying' thats so dripping with emotion it says more than any lyricist could describe.

So yeah, to the point, don't associate Boys Night Out with all those other cookie cutter emo bands. They do Emo the way it should be done, with...yaknow, actual emotion...that and the whole concept of creative song structure and making songs distinguishable from eachother by something other than just the words...

Oh right, they do have one more cd worth noting, the songs are just as good but it loses points for lack of emotion. After hearing these guys ooze feelings all over the floor its hard to get excited over songs with lyrics like "Let me be your swear word."
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