Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daughters - Canada Songs (2003) and Hell Songs (2006)

I think if you know about Mathcore and Grindcore you know about Daughters, but hell, they're so amazing you practically HAVE to write about them. Canada Songs is basically the definition of these genres, if you have no idea what Mathcore is then listen to Canada Songs and you'll have a pretty good idea what its all about afterwards. Hell Songs is their second full length and the bands growth is shown in leaps and bounds. Every single song on this cd is completely distinct from one another, as opposed to Canada where they all sound pretty similar. Both cds are ridiculously fast and intense, both of them combined clocks in at about 38 minutes, which is a good thing because I think my head would explode out of sheer amazement if it was any longer.

I can only imagine whats going to happen later this year when their next Full Length drops.

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